Sunday, June 22, 2008

Should Indiana Have Alimony?

Indiana has not had alimony as part of its divorce statutes for about three decades. While we do have maintenance, that is not the same thing.

During one of the recurring bouts of decrying the divorce rate and offering suggestions of how to make divorce harder, I thought bringing back alimony might offer some help. Whatever thoughts I had about this idea died while reading Massachusetts Alimony: Time for Reform? from Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog:

"The crux of the problem is there is no agreement on a formula, or a uniform set of guidelines even, for alimony, and the law of alimony is essentially the same long list of statutory factors that are supposed to be taken into account in determining the division of assets upon divorce (M.G.L. ch.208, section 34). See the Massachusetts divorce statute here."

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