Saturday, June 21, 2008

Should the Unemployed Spouse Return to Work?

Florida Divorce * Child Custody * Domestic Violence Law Lawyer Blog brings up a subject in To Work or Not to Work? That is Sometimes the Question that is worth bringing up for many reasons in our current economy even though the original context of alimony does not apply in Indiana.

But whether one generally favors putting off (or avoiding altogether) a return to the workforce or diving back in as soon as possible, there are considerations to bear in mind beyond the current number of dollars of salary potentially traded for dollars of current alimony:
1. health insurance and other employee benefits of a job
2. social security contributions for the future
3. retirement benefits
4. future raises
5. a foot in the workplace at a time of life where that may be difficult to achieve
6. the potential for the ex’s death (although life insurance generally can protect against that eventuality)
7. the potential for the ex’s disability (statistically a likelier risk, which is less likely to be adequately protected against)
8. the potential for the ex’s job loss or career setback
And, of course, the psychological and social benefits of working, which can be very beneficial to people going through divorce.

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