Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Third Party Custody: In re Paternity of K.I.: J.I. v. J.H.

Something a bit different - video of the oral argument before the Indiana Supreme Court of In re Paternity of K.I.: J.I. v. J.H.. It loaded quite well but there is a longish wait for the start of the show.

I mentioned this case in Indiana Grandparent Visitation/Custody Case Going to Indiana Supreme Court. While listening to the arguments and questions from our Justices, I was impressed to hear Z.T.H. bandied about - as I mentioned in my earlier post.

Update: The Indiana Supreme Court's decision can be found at New Indiana Supreme Court Case: Grandparents Visitation.


Anonymous said...

I personally know the parties involved in this case and must say that I have never seen a more loving care giver than J.I. She has been a mom to this child whom desparately needed one. The father wasn't even around for 4 years, as a mother I find that unacceptable.
a friend

Sam Hasler said...

You might want to listen to the arguments in the video. What anonymous wrote is actually the crux of the case.