Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are You on Facebook or MySpace?

Ok, MySpace Mistakes & Facebook Follies from the Probable Cause Blog is not about family law. Pay attention anyway. These points apply to your online profiles:

So if you find yourself in legal trouble, one of the first things you might want to do is take a look at your online social networking profiles. Attorneys these days should probably talk to their clients about these things, as well, and ask clients for the URLs to any social networking pages they maintain. And if you’re the sort of person who tends to get into trouble, don’t advertise the fact on MySpace or Facebook.
For an article more directly on the subject of online profiles read my Dangers of the digital age.

Remember that being online is just like being in public. If you would not do something in your front yard, then do not do it online.

7/31/09: see also Facebook Problems and Family Law


Rick Horowitz said...

I'm glad you found the post useful. I've also written a follow up article, More MySpace Mistakes; Further Facebook Follies, which provides more information on how attorneys can try to deal with the problems created by social networking sites when their clients go to court.

Sam Hasler said...

A very good article and one of the best I have seen on evidence. Too many people do not understand how much a case (of any sort) depends on getting in the evidence.