Tuesday, July 1, 2008

From Ireland - An Idea for Indiana and People Living Together

Those following this blog have read my articles on cohabitation. (For those who have not, just click on the link below that reads "cohabitation".) You should know Indian ahas no statutes protecting those living together such as we have for divorcing couples.

I found another example of a statute protecting those living together Outline Civil Partnership Bill unveiled from The Irish Times:

"Announcing the publication, Mr Ahern said: 'This is a major milestone in the implementation of the commitment in the Agreed Programme for Government to legislate for Civil Partnerships.

'This legislation is keenly awaited by many cohabiting couples, and will be of great benefit both to same-sex and opposite-sex cohabiting couples. As well as providing for Civil Partnership Registration for same-sex couples, it will also provide certainty as to the status of cohabitation agreements.'

Mr Ahern added the legislation will provide a 'legal safety-net' to people living in long term relationships who may otherwise be very vulnerable at the end of a relationship.

'The scheme will also clarify the law by providing for recognition of cohabitant agreements between unmarried opposite-sex cohabiting couples and between unregistered cohabiting same-sex couples,' the Minister said."


Judith said...

Here in the UK we have gay marriage or civil partnerships for same sex couples who register, with the same rights on dissolution as for heterosexual married couples. There is no provision at all other than caselaw based on property and trusts for those who cohabit and regardless of sexual orientation. That is despite constant lobbying of successive Parliaments which all appear to think that giving unmarried couples rights weakens the institution of marriage. I don't know whether that puts on par or behind Indiana but it certainly causes social and legal difficulties.

Sam Hasler said...

On par and with the same reasoning.