Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pre-nup as Estate Planning

The Sun Chronicle Online's Wise women: Area lawyers offer facts every woman should know makes some points that I do make enough of my own discussions on this blog about prenuptial agreements:

"Prenuptial agreements, for example, 'have been, at times, given a bad rap,' said Taddeo who specializes in estate and tax laws. 'It's not always about divorce, but death.'

Nor does everyone need a pre-nup, she said. But it can be beneficial in a second marriage. 'I think it's really important for women because it allows both spouses to talk about what will happen. It's a segway to your estate plan,' she said.

'It allows your children and others to understand what will happen and can help allay fears.

'You can provide for your spouse, but you can also make sure your assets go to your children and not your spouse's children' should the spouse die, Taddeo told the group of about a dozen women who attended the presentation at the Women at Work Museum.

A prenup is useful, too, because if the woman's spouse dies, her children 'cannot come in afterward and say we're sorry, but pack your bags,' she said."

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