Wednesday, September 3, 2008

10 Mistakes Not to Make in a Divorce

Florida Divorce Blog published Mistakes Men - And Women - Make in Divorce - and Usually Regret, Laterand these are too good not to share. Something every man and woman should know when starting their divorce.

They are not (generally) legal mistakes per se, but rather tactical mistakes that both men and women usually come to regret - in time.

  1. Responding to an impending divorce with anger
  2. Serving your spouse with divorce papers in embarrassing places
  3. Arguing about who gets what
  4. Becoming passive
  5. Using a difficult attorney
  6. Rubbing salt in the wound
  7. Using verbal abuse
  8. Allowing your spouse to convince you not to hire an attorney
  9. Thinking romance first, divorce second
  10. Using your children as pawns

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