Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brown County Resource for Supervised Visitation Cases

Brown County is a bit off my usual path but The Family Access Program is sort of program ought to get more attention. We could use something similar here in Madison County.

The site gives the programs' history under History of the Family Access Program

Once they were provided with this information, local officials determined that the best way to address these needs was to open a supervised visitation center, which would provide supervised visitation services to children and their parents in a safe environment. Through the allocation of federal grant funds through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, the Family Access Program became a reality.

The program provides on-site and off-site supervision of visitation. We are now also offering therapeutic visitation services and soon hope to provide home-based visitation services.

Transfer of custody services are also provided. In these cases, FAP transfers children from one parent to another, to prevent the occurrence of violence or conflict in front of the children.

FAP was instrumental in bringing a court-mandated program for divorcing parents to the Brown County community. That program, Children Cope With Divorce, is now offered locally. After assessing the community's needs, FAP is now also providing the children's version of this class, Rollercoasters.

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