Saturday, September 13, 2008

More on Breach of Promise to Marry

Following up on my The Marriage is Off and She Gets a Pile of Cash, comes Lis on Law: Breach of Promise to Marry from

"Lydia Sartain isn't the only one who supports actions for a breach of promise to marry. Judge Kathlene Gosselin instructed the jury that these actions are a common law contract action. Meanwhile, Wayne's attorney said that there was only one prior lawsuit filed in Georgia over the past 25 years for breaking an engagement. It seems that there are now two more to add to the list- RoseMary and Wendy Louise Webb, who filed a few days after RoseMary won her case. While she may have awakened women to this new legal protection, RoseMary also has the added bonus of keeping the engagement ring. Georgia is one state that does not consider engagement rings as conditional gifts, so she can keep it. But will she sell the gem? 'Most definitely. It means nothing now.'"

Sorry, I jsut do not see this coming to life again in Indiana.

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