Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Teaching about child support in elementary school?

Florida Divorce Blog published UK To Begin Teaching Child Support System in Elementary Schools:

"In the UK in 2005, there were 330,000 cases in arrears, to the extent of 3 billion UK pounds.

So the Brits came up with a hoped-for solution to stem the tide.

A new class in elementary school that will teach children to assume responsibility for supporting their own children. As well as the consequences of failing to do so - right down to the lengths of jail sentences they can expect for their delinquency."
Read the rest of the post, it is interesting. I am not so sure than elementary school is not too early but I do think we could - need - to better educate the general population about legal matters.

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Coloring Buddy Mike said...

Help the children learn how to pressure mom and dad into paying their bills.