Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Law in Our Time of Economic Disaster

Reading around I found a couple of posts needing read by anyone looking at divorce during the time of our economic meltdown.

The first comes from Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Blog - The House: Yesterday's Asset is Today's Liability. I think this paragraph applies as well to Indiana as Minnesota:

For now, and for the next few years, breaking even on one's home equity is the best that most divorcing couples can hope for. These sobering realities, and realistic expectations, will carry the day until the housing market recovers.
The credit crunch divorce: do you get what you pay for? comes from Marilyn Stowe's blog. Remember this economic meltdown is global. She operates at higher income level than I am used to but I think her discussion about the effect of depreciation on value of the marital pot has points for us.

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