Friday, October 24, 2008

The Frisky Asks My Favorite Prenup Question

That question is Why Should Prenuptial Agreements Be Just For The Rich & Famous?. The Frisky blog has this to say:

The point is that when a couple splits, there will always be a division of the assets. Since not all of us are rich enough to be arguing over millions (or even thousands!), I think there should be a modern day adjustment to what we consider an “asset.” DVD collection, record collection, furniture, gifts, pets, even certain friends are all assets. There are also certain clauses in pre-nups that should certainly be considered, such as the infidelity clause. Reportedly, Catherine Zeta-Jones will get more dough if Michael Douglas strays.

I’m not saying everyone needs a pre-nup, but it is something to seriously consider if you want to protect yourself and certain precious things in your life. I would love to say “all you need is love,” but I think we all learned our lesson from Paul McCartney now didn’t we?

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