Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting the Right Family Law Lawyer - Another Post

I cannot agree more with the following paragraphs from Austin Family Law Guide Blog:

Great divorce lawyers educate their client about the process and effectively manage their client’s expectations from the initial meeting. They also will personally guarantee you personal attention and responsiveness. Obviously, great divorce lawyers are great advocates in the court room and great negotiators but so are good divorce lawyers.

What sets great divorce lawyers apart from good divorce lawyers is the fact that the great divorce lawyers focus on their client’s life after divorce. That’s such an important point it is worth repeating again. Great divorce lawyers focus on their client’s life after divorce. This is—or should be—the core ideology of great divorce lawyers. Good divorce lawyers, on the other hand, only focus on what share of the marital estate they can get for their client. Bad divorce lawyers—controlled by their client—focus on creating the most emotional and economic pain during the process.

I will go further and say the idea that the best lawyer educates their clients applies to all family law cases. Maybe some day, the clients will realize that the lawyers who do not educate them do the client no favors.

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