Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New family law blog

Palm Beach County Family Law Blog is a recent find and an interesting one. Of course, interesting is a slippery concept. I find all too often that blogs become too interwined in their posts to point of becoming a round-robin of saying the same thing. So, for me, interesting means those that present a different viewpoint or a subject that I have not seen before.

For example, this Palm Beach blog has Divorce Cakes, A Sweet Ending To A Disagreeable Process. I have suggested to more than one client that they go and have a party after the Final Hearing. I think several have taken me up on the idea. This post shows someone is taking my idea even further.


Charles D. Jamieson said...

We are very flattered to see our post on your blog. We would like to add your blog to our blogroll.

Thanks again!

Sam Hasler said...

You are quite welcome