Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all who read this do have a good Thanksgiving. I hope not too much turkey, not too much cranberry sauce, and no bad interactions with the relatives.

At the risk of sounding like curmudgeon, for those dreading the holidays I offer Divorce and the Holidays from The Modern Woman's Divorce Guide:

What are the special pitfalls to watch out for during the holidays? Because holidays can be a time of heightened emotions, look out for the old triggers that may cause conflict between you and your ex-spouse this season. You know what they are - anything from his chronic lateness to a dismissive tone about the activities you’ve planned. Use extra willpower to resist the urge to engage. And don’t ask your children to deliver messages between you. This is stressful for children, especially during the tension-prone holiday periods.

Finally, build on the joy of this season to enrich your relationship with your children. Don’t stint on the “I love you’s”. Energize every moment with the holiday spirit. And err on the side of generosity and self-expression whenever you can.

And to sound even more curmudgeonly, be sure to check on the holiday parenting time guidelines.

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