Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Brilliant Idea from Mississippi

I suspect more lawyers than non-lawyers will find this interesting but The Kisselburgh Law Firm (the same firm that publishes The Mississippi Family Law Blog) now offers a Mississippi Divorce Guide - Free CD.

For most of why I think this is brilliant you need to read the firm;s own description of the CD and its purpose. So go ahead and follow the link. The points made there are also true in Indiana and probably in the other 48 states of the Union.

Which makes this a great service to the citizens of Mississippi. Having been an occasional reader of the The Mississippi Family Law Blog, I have high expectations that the CD is of as high a quality as the blog.

It should also improve the image of our profession generally.

It gives me ideas and I hope it gives others similar thoughts. I also suggest lawyers reading this read Ten Rules of Legal Innovation from the (non)billable hour blog.

"Innovative Lawyer" shouldn't be an oxymoron. Lawyers -- who are constantly applying their creative, problem-solving skills to help clients -- too often turn their innovation engines off as soon as their "billable" work ends.
The times they are a-changing even for lawyers. (Yes, Bob, I am sorry but should be used to it by now).

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