Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marshall County Visitation Rules

What gives with Marshall County? Far from my stomping grounds but I have had some visitors to this blog looking for information on Marshall County's Parenting Time Guidelines. I have had a chat with a potential client who had a case there and talked about a "no sleep over" rule. I seem to recall a case from 2000-2002 where there the court was reversed for not allowing overnight visitation when the non-custodial parent was living with another person (I think I have traced the facts but I cannot find the case at this time.)

With the Indiana Supreme Court adopting the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, local visitation rules have pretty much gone the way of the dodo. Yet I see that Marshall County has retained an alternate version:

(A) The Courts of Marshall County have adopted the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and have also established the Marshall County Alternate Parenting Time Guidelines either of which may be agreed to by the parties or Ordered imposed by the Courts of Marshall County. The Marshall County Alternate Parenting Time Guideline shall be made available to the parties or their counsel as requested and are subject to change, on review by the Courts of Marshall County, annually or as deemed necessary.
I find it interesting that while this rule is made public that the alternate rules are not to be found online. So I am left wondering about what is going on in Plymouth?

Remember that the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines control parenting time/visitation issues regardless of whatever county you live in.

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