Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prenuptial Agreements - A FAQ and A Contrarian View (beta) has a short FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on prenuptial agreements here. If you have read my articles here (and if you have not, then follow the label "prenuptial agreements" below) on prenuptial agreements and still have questions, this might be a good place to go.

For a different opinion on prenuptial agreements, I think Israel's 5 Realities About Prenuptial Agreements -- Why Having One May Be a Bad Choice for Your Marriage is a good start. While rather long, it is long because of its details. I had thought to do have some detailed comments, but instead I think one general comment should suffice: prenuptial agreements are a tool and as with all tools there will be times when they are the wrong tool. Whether you a prenuptial agreement is a good idea depends on talking with your lawyer and the lawyer recognizing all the aspects of a prenuptial agreement.

If you are an Indiana resident thinking of a prenuptial agreement, I am taking on new clients and am available for consultations.

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