Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trial Court Reform Coming Our Way?

The Indiana Lawyer reports Study to examine trial court reform:

"The Indiana Supreme Court's Division of State Court Administration is working with the Indiana University Center for Urban Policy and Environment to study ways to make the state's trial courts more equitable and efficient.

The Center for Urban Policy and Environment will partner with Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis' Program on Law and State Government to analyze the state's current system and assess how other states manage and fund court operations, paying particular attention to governing, budgetary, and personnel issues."
Why is this of any importance? My cynical side says it depends on the how and what and why of the reforms. My more thoughtful side wants to point out those of you having children - whether divorce or paternity cases - remain tethered to our court system till the children are emancipated or payment of all the child support arrears (whichever comes later).

Oh, if you want to know what is going on with Indiana's courts then you might want to check out Indiana Court Times. Published bimonthly by the Indiana Supreme Court.

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