Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alternative to Divorce: A Post-Nuptial Agreement

I read The New Jersey Family Law Blog's If you want to divorce but cannot afford to due to the depressed housing market, then a post-nuptial agreement may be worth considering with some interest. The post suggests post-nuptial agreements as an alternative to divorce. Well, sort of:

"If the economic crisis has put strains on your marriage such that a divorce is likely at some point in the future then consider a post-nuptial agreement while you ride out the current economic crisis. This agreement would allow you to work out the financial terms of any future divorce and at the same time focus the parties on constructive ways of handling money and assets until then.

However, some people will still want to divorce and while money is something that can always be replaced, time cannot. For those that decide to cut their losses and go ahead with a divorce, think carefully about the financial aspects but don't let that deter you if that is what you want to do. Attorneys, financial planners and other professionals are available to offer advice and counsel."
You can find other articles here on post-nuptial agreements by following the link below this post to the post-nuptial agreement archive. Yes, I do this work. I have not had an opportunity to do so outside of a divorce being filed (we call these an uncontested divorce - and I also have articles on the subject on this blog). I may need to rethink what I wrote here about legal separation.

The article has me thinking if we will not see more legal separations if the economy continues its unraveling. I may need to rethink what I wrote in Indiana Alternatives to Divorce: Legal Separation.


Chrissy said...

Have you ever read a book called Divorce Buddy System? It's written by a Divorce Lawyer, J. Richard Kulerski with 40+ years courtroom experience. Boy does he know what he's talking about!
This book I read in under 2hours. Its taught me how to control the pain, cost, and outcome of my divorce.

Sam Hasler said...

No, I have not.