Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Electronic Recording Gone Bad

The same day I published What About Recording Conversations?, The Florida Divorce Blog published Nebraska Court Rejects Relocation / Custody Tactic: Bugging Child’s Teddy Bear. Anyone reading my article will know the following would be illegal here:

The Court bars use of the recordings in the courtroom, on the grounds that making the recordings was illegal.

Now, Father and several others who were recorded, including some court-appointees in the case, have filed a damages lawsuit against Mother, her father and Mother’s former attorneys for invasion of their privacy.

Mother’s attorneys terminated their representation upon learning of the recordings allegedly made for their client (although they argued that the recordings should be used by the Court).


Meanwhile, Father briefly microwaves Daughter’s coats, toys and teddy bears whenever he picks her up, to disable any other recording devices.

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