Monday, January 12, 2009

Sleep Overs

I want to thank Dick Price of Divorce and Family Law in Tarrant County, Texas for complimenting this blog in his Are "Sleep Overs" Allowed?.

I suggest non-custodial parents read this post even if it is out of Texas. (I also suggest custodial parents who are dating read it, too). The emphasis is mine:

"Sometimes the court will explicitly order no sleep overs. Even without such an order, parents should think twice about bringing strangers around their children and keep in mind how confusing and upsetting the experience may be for the children. If regular visitation is taking place, or if time is being split pretty equally (which is getting to be more common), there will be plenty of opportunities for the parent to pursue dating activities with one or more adults without the children present. When the parent has the children, it's probably going to be better to focus on the children instead of splitting one's attention between the children and a boy/girlfriend."
Call it common sense, discretion, good manners but it does help you, your children, and your pocketbook.

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