Thursday, February 12, 2009

Collaborative divorce ...meanwhile, over in England

I wanted to note this report from the Liverpool Daily Post blog The Legal Week: "Collaborative" divorce offered in Warrington.
"A WARRINGTON law firm is offering clients divorces without the need to go to court.

Forshaws Davies Ridgway (FDR) say 'collaborative' family law offers separation 'without the drama and stress' often seen when couples meet in court.
FDR's Family solicitors Audrey Venables and Ruth Hetherington, who are both qualified collaborative lawyers, added that the process can mean quicker and more amicable divorces for couples.

Ms Venables told 'Collaborative law is a new option that means divorce or separation need not necessarily end in a lengthy and expensive courtroom battle.

'Each person appoints their own lawyer but instead of conducting negotiations between you and your partner by letter or phone you meet together to work things out face to face.'

Although the process is not for everyone it could make divorcing significantly less painful and drawn out for couples who have split amicably."
Surely, therein is an idea can be adopted elsewhere - just think about it for a minute or two.

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