Friday, February 13, 2009

Dogs and Divorces

I like dogs but I have not had a dog for years. last night, the kids and the wife and I had another discussion about why we will not have a dog so long as we live in town. I mention all this to counterbalance my lawyer's opinion where I disagree with the premise of The Legal Week's Why you shouldn't let your divorce come between you and your dog:
"Here, Shelley Hesford from SAS Daniels, says distressed dogs are increasingly becoming factors in how a divorce is conducted - and many couples are underestimating the impact the build-up to divorce and the consequent split can have upon their hound. Her comments are followed by the views of pet care professional Sarah Walmsley.

Ms Hesford told 'This may well sound frivolous, but a dog has rights and its wellbeing can put huge demands on its owners, and actually cause intense complications when a couple splits up.

Ms Hesford continued: 'When there are children involved, they
take priority. However, some couples are childless but have a very
parent/child-like relationship with their pets - particularly dogs - and
completely misjudge the impact a divorce can have."
Yes, I have a problem with dogs having rights. Except for one, now senior judge, I expect most of the judges in my area will agree with that dogs do not have rights the same as human beings.

That pets affect humans and that needs addressing by lawyers and courts, is something I can agree upon.

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