Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Henry County Divorces and Child Support Worksheets

The requirement in (C) about the support docket fee surprises me. Yet that is something that ought to be in all Decrees of Dissolution. The Indiana Code requires it. I think the requirement about payment for the uninsured medicals in the Decree seems duplicative of the quoted part of (A). So far as I can recall, the Child Support Worksheets show the uninsured medical expenses.

(A) CHILD SUPPORT WORKSHEET AND CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE. ....The parties must also file a child support worksheet to accompany their Decree of Dissolution of Marriage....

( C ) DECREE OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE INVOLVING MINOR CHILDREN. The written decree must state that the non-custodial parent is responsible for the annual child support docket
fee. Two original copies of the decree must be tendered along with sufficient copies for all counsel and parties if unrepresented. The decree must also provide for the payment of uninsured medical expenses pursuant to the child support rules. A child support worksheet must be attached to all decrees.

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