Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Henry County Local Rules: Guardian ad Litem

Having written before about guardians ad litem (here and here and here), I am interested to see how often GAL's actually get used in Henry Couty.

(F) GUARDIAN AD LITEMS. The Courts shall utilize the Henry County Guardian Ad Litem/CASA office for the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem. A separate order will be issued by the court and the CASA appointed by the Court should file a written report with the court, with a copy to all counsel and parties of record, within 2 days of any scheduled hearing. The Guardian Ad Litem should be available for hearing.

It does not mention any penalty for failing to get the report to the court and/or counsel and/or parties before the hearing. I got to admit that 2 days is short time to prepare any rebuttal to GAL's report.

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