Monday, February 23, 2009

News: Counties wanting local video can apply now

Something that could be very useful and so the whole story from The Indiana Lawyer:

"Indiana counties that would like a customized self-represented litigant video can apply to the Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration Indiana Family Court Project.

The Division of State Court Administration is currently accepting applications to create 15 more customized county videos. Last year, the Family Court Project made a video to help courts with self-represented litigant issues. The first phase of the project consisted of creating one, 'boilerplate' video that provides general information applicable to litigants statewide.

There is no match or any other cost to the counties to participate in this project. The only requirements from the counties are to provide some local information and possible 'extras' for the video. First preference will be given to those participating in the Family Court Project. Applications are due by March 13."

Today, I had two different callers from two different callers complain that the judges on their cases wanted them to get lawyers or they could not file. I can understand this view on a professional level - it does lessen mistakes and work for the judges. Still, such a rule can only be called unconstitutional. I think education would lessen most problems. Education such as this video.

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