Monday, February 9, 2009

Parenting Time - The Best Advice fo the Week

Maybe the advice for the entire year comes from California Divorce and Family Law Blog's In divorce, put focus on well-being of the kids:

"Non-custodial parents must persist in maintaining contact with their children, even if the other parent makes it difficult or a child seems to push them away. It may feel discouraging now, but perseverance generally pays off with deeper parent-child relationships later.

Parents should respect/honor the visitation schedule — both in showing up, and by being on time to pick up and drop off children. They should avoid making promises unless they can deliver on them.

Children need structure and love. Parents should make time with them as 'normal' as possible, showing that they are more than simply a 'Disneyland Dad' / 'Magic Kingdom Mom,' who constantly entertains. Kids feel safer and grow up more confident with a healthy balance between clear expectations and unconditional support."
Look, most parenting time/visitation cases come about from parents playing silly games of the kinds hinted at in the first two paragraphs. The third paragraph says why these games are bad for the kids. Let me add a far more unpleasant - for some game players - consequence for those denying visitation: persistent interference with parenting time has been used as grounds for changing custody.

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