Monday, March 23, 2009

Divorce fair - Is This a Good Idea?

I am not sure what I think about Divorce fair debuts in Britain. Part of me sees this as a good thing and the conservative Hoosier thinks a bit differently:

"The fair — cheerily named the 'Starting Over Show' — takes place Sunday at a cozy hotel in the seaside resort town of Brighton. There will be live music, book signings and play areas for kids.

Organizer Suzy Miller said the event would aim to focus on the positive, starting with a warming cup of tea and a chunk of homemade cake."


One exhibitor called the "Shoe Queen" can organize the footwear equivalent of Tupperware parties, selling stilettos instead of rubber margarine tubs. Another plans art appreciation vacations. A dating agency promises to help those still interested in giving love a chance.

On a more pragmatic note, the fair offers mediators to help couples navigate divorce without lawyers, and debt counselors to help them avoid bankruptcy.

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