Monday, March 2, 2009

How it is done elsewhere: Marriage contracts

Looking at how family law is done else is something that I have done more and more with this blog. Sometimes something like Marriage contracts: a cynical tool or a good idea? from the DL Blog makes me wonder about why this could not apply in Indiana and then more often it reminds how much family law remains the same:

"The law in Ontario also recognizes cohabitation agreements. People who are living together, or who intend to live together, may enter into a contract outlining their rights and obligations during or after their cohabitation, or on death. Cohabitation agreements are often a very good idea because the law in Ontario does not do much to protect the property rights of common law spouses. If you are in a common law relationship it would probably be a very good idea to define your property rights by contract. However, these contracts must be drafted carefully because unless it provides otherwise, a cohabitation agreement becomes a marriage contract if the parties marry each other."
The second, third and fourth sentences apply to Indiana. The last sentence does not.

For those wanting more about marriage contracts in Ontario ought to take a look at the whole of the article.

Those living together in Indiana just to need to remember that our law also does very little to protect your property rights.

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