Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New service helps men cope with divorce

I ran across New service helps men cope with divorce from Nodaway News Leader and thought it was interesting.

"But it’s when men have the hard time coping that society has limited resources for recovery on such a burden as divorce. Yes, there are books, and the First Baptist Divorce Care group has its doors open wide for men as well; but not every man can open up emotionally. Sometimes, what a man needs are the resources he may have lost in the divorce. And that’s where a not-so-local business comes in for men.
Akilah E. Kamaria, creator and CEO of Hemancipation, a lifestyle management company for men struggling to cope with the aftershock of divorce or separation, states, “It’s a go-to resource for men across the country who are in transition. When men are contemplating separation or hear the words ‘I want a divorce,’ I want them to take a deep breath, and then dial our number.”"

No link to Hemancipation in the article (which is a bit silly in these Internet days) and so I went off to see what I could find. When I got to the site (thank you, Google), I found this Lifestyle Management Services:
Divorce or Separated Men Support
It's not easy to figure out an individual style after years of cohabiting with a spouse. Home during separation becomes a hastily rented apartment, a friend's spare room or an unfamiliar, empty house. However, children add an element of urgency in setting up a new home. If the thought of becoming a single dad seems overwhelming, Hemancipation can help. We provide emergency support for those who are in immediate need of personal or relocation services. All services provided are strictly confidential. Call us at 888-473-0876 for immediate service.
I just do not know what I think but I pass it along as a help to anyone who might find it useful.

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