Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paternity: Supervising Child Custody and Parenting Time

Indiana's divorce statutes do not give to the trial court the power to supervise the carrying out of custody and/or parenting time of the Decree of Dissolution. Yet, Indiana the paternity court gives the power to do exactly this in IC 31-14-13-5:
The court may order the probation department or any licensed child placing agency to supervise the placement to ensure that the custodial or parenting time terms of the decree are carried out if:
(1) both parents or the child request supervision; or
(2) the court finds that without supervision the child's physical health and well-being would be endangered or the child's emotional development would be significantly impaired.
A tool unused so far as my experience goes. So far no case law noted for this statute.

This tool could also be quite useful on the divorce side.

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