Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winchester Mom Facing Criminal Charges Over Truant Child

I guess someone was not paying attention to the news a few years ago. I recall Marion County making a big deal about prosecuting these cases. The stories even got on the evening news. For me the biggest surprise in The Muncie Star Press' Winchester student’s repeated absences lead to charge against mother is mom's suprise: "
A Driver Middle School’s student’s frequent absences — including 13 days of school missed in January and February alone — could send his mother to jail.

Carmen R. Yoakum, 44, 2507 S. Bloomingsport Road, Winchester, was charged last week in Randolph Superior Court with compulsory school attendance violation, a Class B misdemeanor carrying a maximum 180-day jail term.

“It’s a surprise,” Yoakum said of the criminal charge when reached by The Star Press on Friday. “He’s missed some school.”

The mother of two school-aged children, with no prior charges or convictions reflected in court records, said school officials “told me if he missed more than 12 days (in a semester), they might file something.”

But Yoakum maintained she was unaware that “something” would be a criminal charge filed against her."

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