Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Updated and Corrected: Another Seminar for Parents Going Through Divorce: Grant County Project Growth

I overlooked an e-mail from the Grant Circuit Court Bailiff. She wrote the following:

Project Growth is a program through the Family Service Society. Their phone number is 765-662-9971.

My original post was this:

Grant County has its own program for parents going through divorce. What it is seems a mystery except to its local rules.
3. In all cases involving the custody of children, including but not limited to original petitions for dissolution of marriage or to establish paternity, petitions for custody and modifications thereof, all parties and any children between the ages of 4 and 19 years of age shall attend and complete Project Growth or similar educational program or counseling prior to any final hearing. If parents agree and can show appropriate maturity, education and insight with regard to parenting issues, the Court may waive this requirement. Each party shall be responsible for their own fees, unless otherwise ordered by the Court. Attendance at Project Growth or other program or counseling and payment of fees shall be enforceable by contempt. At provisional hearings, the Courts shall distribute and encourage the parties to read the Project Growth materials prior to attending the meetings.
On March 31, I was in Marion asking questions about the program. Since nothing appears on the Grant County website, I thought to ask the County Clerk's office. They passed me onto the courts. I asked the Circuit Court staff. Bewilderment, confusion reigned and all I got was a telephone number. No one had any more information than a telephone number.

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