Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dealing with Divorce Transition Issues

Ohio Family Law Blog published Did Your Ex-Spouse Take the Easter Baskets? Resurrection After the Crucifixion of Divorce for Easter but I think its advice goes beyond merely Easter (or any other holiday):

1. See a psychologist/therapist to help you with divorce transition issues;
2. Join a divorce support group in your area;
3. Become involved with a church;
4. Join a volunteer organization to help others;
5. Perhaps adopt a pet to love and nurture;
6. Try to smile, laugh and be more pleasant;
7. Simply be kinder to others and less self-absorbed;
8. Do something nice for yourself;
9. Risk sharing your feelings with others; and
10. Commit to a new attitude and starting a new chapter in your life.

While these suggestions aren’t novel or intended for everyone, the objective of this article is to encourage some self-reflection and, hopefully, motivate people paralyzed after divorce to make progress towards personal happiness. It all comes down to making a commitment to yourself to move forward and adopt a new mindset. Dayton Psychologist, Gregory Ramey, describes this as changing the way that you feel by changing the way that you think. Isn’t it about time? May this Easter season be that time in your life-your emotional re-birth! Don’t you deserve it?"

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