Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tips for Handling Parenting Time

Florida Divorce * Child Custody * Domestic Violence Law Lawyer | Boca Raton » Blog Archive » A Therapist’s Tips to Reduce the Stress of Exchanges and Visitation
A therapist offers mothers her tips for reducing the stress related to exchanges and their child’s visitation with his or her father.

1. Always focus on your child.
2. Make sure the other parent is kept posted on recommendations from school as to services appropriate for your child.
3. Attend a different performance of school events if possible, trade off events or sit far away from the other parent.
4. Ditto for sports events.
5. Be civil at extended family occasions and gatherings - or don’t go.
6. Be accommodating with schedule changes.
7. Treat your ex with respect.
8. Allow communication - but use e-mail for neutrality … and a record.
9. Let your child participate in planning, but don’t put your child in the middle … or on the spot.
I lifted this post whole. Which is not to brag but to emphasize just how good this post is - and that it needs to be taken whole.

With that said, I must also say that I have two annoyances. First, I think these apply to the non-custodial parent except for 2. Second, it is the use of mother instead of custodial parent.

Grandparents and parents may also find them applicable to their exchanges.

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