Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Wickedly Pungent Good Argument for Cohabitation Agreements

Perhaps a bit too pungent, but How To Avoid ‘Getting Screwed’ When Getting Laid's Cohabitation Agreements: A Necessity in the 21st Century! may get the point better in one post than all of mine on this blog:

"Another way of describing a “cohabitation agreement” would be to call it a “prenuptial agreement for unmarried couples”. The significant difference between these two agreements is that a cohabitation agreements do not address the issue of spousal support (alimony). When a couple cohabits (instead of getting married), the law does not allow for one party to make a claim for spousal support (alimony) against the other party."
The key importance for cohabitation agreements in the 21st century, is that: even though you may not realize it, when you decide to live together in a romantic/sexual relationship and/or a domestic partnership, (in many states) you have “legally established” a “domestic partnership”, which is subject to almost the same type of property division laws as a couple that has just gotten married.
Therefore, if you decide to live together, thinking that you are avoiding many of the problems that married couples face, you are very wrong! This is extremely important: Do not make the mistake of inviting a woman to live in your home without knowing the ramifications of your actions!
A cohabitation agreement can be drafted in a manner, that protects both you and her, equally! Therefore, while both of you are on very good terms with each other, it is very wise to lay out the ground rules, before you live together, in the event that the two of you are not successful as a couple.

For my female readers - I think the advice given for men applies just as well to you. You know, what is good for the gander is good for the goose.

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