Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Choices Made Divorce Settlement Agreements

New York Divorce Report reports on a case that probably cannot be duplicated very often in its specific mode - Madoff Loss Jeopardizes Divorce Settlement - but one that can generally happen every day from one degree to another:

To the list of things Bernard L. Madoff has been blamed for ruining — retirements, lives, reputations — add another: a clean breakup.”

The New York Times is reporting that a husband (a lawyer), who, entered into a settlement agreement distributing marital assets, which included an investment in Madoff’s hedge fund, is seeking contribution from his ex wife for the post-divorce losses sustained in the Ponzi scheme.

Rather than splitting an investment in the Madoff hedge fund, the husband gave the wife $2.7 million in cash and held onto the account. Of course, the account is now worthless. The husband wants his ex wife to share in his loss.

Good luck!

Had the wife participated with Madoff in the fraud or had knowledge of the wrong-doing, the husband might have a case. But, the husband simply made an unfortunate choice and, through no fault of the wife, lost his investment.

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