Monday, May 11, 2009

Terminating Parental Rights: Read New Indiana Supreme Court Case

I seldom write on the subject of terminating parental rights but from what I can see, the subject remains one of interest. High court reverses termination of mom s rights comes from The Indiana Lawyer:

"The majority of Indiana Supreme Court justices ruled in a parental termination case that the evidence presented didn't clearly show a mother's rights to her son should be terminated. One justice dissented because he believes an appellate court should defer to the lower court in assessing the facts of a case."

In the Involuntary Termination of Parent-Child Relationship of G.Y.; R.Y., mother; and G.Y., father v. Indiana Department of Child Services and Child Services, No. 49S02-0902-JV-091, the high court April 24 reversed the termination of R.Y.'s parental rights to her son, G.Y., because the majority believed the termination was clearly erroneous based on the evidence.
From what I see of the searches bringing people here for information on terminating parental rights, they do not understand the process. I strongly urge those seeking to terminate a parent's rights to read this case.

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