Friday, June 26, 2009

Tip on Setting Up Meetings to Exchanging the Children

Meet Halfway: A Tech Tip For Exchanging The Kids came to me from the Alaska Divorce Blog and for those with long distance visitation issues, it may come in very handy:

When divorcing parents are working on a custody or visitation schedule for their children, it is not unusual for them to disagree about where to exchange the children if they do not live close to each other. One option is to find a point half-way between each of their homes. I recently came across a web-based program, which is called MeetWays. It is specifically designed to give users the midpoint between two addresses. I tested it quickly. It looks like it requires a little tinkering. But it is designed to find a point of interest such as a restaurant midway between two addresses.
This is how MeetWays describes itself:
Welcome to

Welcome to Meetways! Meetways was established to help people easily find a halfway point between two locations. If you're thinking about meeting-up with a far away friend, organizing a Craigslist transaction, or meeting a client for lunch, MeetWays can help you find the perfect middle point. Simply enter the addresses and a point of interest and Meetways will do the rest!

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