Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brazil and David Goldman - International Custody Issue

I have been a bit too swamped here to give anything like a close examination of the Goldman case out of Brazil, UPDATES IN MICHIGAN FAMILY LAW has done so and I suggest starting with David Goldman | Back to square one?. I was especially taken with these paragraphs>

"The United States needs to make it clear to Brazil that our government will not tolerate the wrongful retention of U.S. children by Brazil. There are at least 64 children who have been abducted to Brazil by one parent and who are wrongfully retained there. Until Brazil is convinced that its failure and refusal to return children to their habitual residence is wrong, these children may never be returned."

Economic sanctions are one way to make the point with Brazil that refusal to honor its obligations under the Hague Convention will not be tolerated. CLICK HERE to review H.R. 2702, proposed legislation that would suspend Brazil's "favored nation" status with respect to trade with the U.S. CLICK HERE to contact your state legislators and ask them to co-sponsor and support this legislation. Help by supporting this proposed legislation.

For a more general background on international custody issues, see my News: Non-compliant Hague Countries Report.


The Thought Spot said...

Thank you for posting this story complete with links and the web site.

I am outraged as an American that Brazil can ignore the treaty it signed. Sean Goldman needs to be sent home to his father, the kidnappers need to be charged in criminal court(s) and Brazil needs to be sanctioned.

Anonymous said...

If David was a so good father and husband why his ex-wife run to Brazil to never comeback to USA ?,why David in 5 year only decided to visit his son "Sean" after 5 years ? In my point of view everything have to be done for the boy's good. Live with his father now and in USA means live with a stranger and a stranger country, If David really think in his son why he don't make adaptation in Brazil with Sean and after move to USA. when the boy was 4 years old in his mind any law was broken and he didn't felt kidnapped, but now with 9 years old he will few that forced to comeback to USA.In my opinion Senator Christopher Smith of New Jersey are using this situation to promote himself ,and introduce this bill just show what he is treating Sean as another traded product, and I really don't believe that USA is in situation to suspend any importation , because if we import over 2 billion from Brazil it mean that we need it, we don't import because we like Brazil or any other country but because we need then.