Friday, July 24, 2009

Divorce Support on the Web

Frankly, The London Time's headline With this website I thee divorce oversells and undersells:

Like tens of thousands of men and women facing divorce, Jane was at her wits’ end when she turned to the internet. There she found, an online support group for couples facing the end of their marriage. The website, which was launched two years ago and boasts a new visitor every minute, is an online community that offers free access to information, support and advice for people going through divorce or separation.

While online chats about divorce and marriage troubles are multiplying on sites such as mumsnet and iVillage, specialist sites such as and, which claims 31,000 members, appear to be proof that divorcing couples are increasingly seeking friendship and advice anonymously and online through chat rooms and the blogosphere. But will these burgeoning internet divorce chat rooms mean an end to acrimonious courtroom battles and the need for professional relationship counsellors?

Anyone having any experience with these sites, I ask you to use the comments section below

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