Wednesday, July 8, 2009

English Cohabitiation Bills Fails

I guess this is International Day for this blog. Head of Legal is an English blog. Its Baroness Deech and the Cohabitation Bill details a bit too much for my American comprehension about the politics of the is particular Bill. Why I want to mention the post here is for the discussion in the comments about the general merits of a cohabitation bill. I expect a similar debate here between those suggest such a bill is too much state intervention and the inequity of the law towards people's property who are unmarried. If such a debate comes here, I will come down on the side of the second of debate.

(Note to any American readers, especially lawyers, I suggest subscribing to John Bolch's Family Lore and reading CharonPC).


John Bolch said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the plug. I hope your readers do not pay too much attention to the frivolous exchange between myself and Charon QC on that post!

Seriously, this is an interesting debate, with most family lawyers in this country being in favour (they have witnessed the inequities), but a large number of others being against. We clearly have much persuading to do...

Sam Hasler said...

Actually, I like the discussion between you and Charon. He does raise an argument I would expect to hear over here - the unmarrieds have a remedy in getting married. I suspect you and I both know the weaknesses of that argument. It will be very appealing to certain sort of political types here.