Monday, July 27, 2009

From Egg Donation and Surrogacy Blog: Who is Entitled to Be a Parent?

I say that is a damned good question and too similar to a conversation I had with a friend on the 21st. Which caused Egg Donation and Surrogacy Blog's Who is Entitled to Becoming a Parent? Does Age, Marital Status or Sexual Orientation Matter? to hit home pretty hard. While Egg Donation and Surrogacy Blog's focus touches on this blog's subject only a bit, I suggest that that post be read in full as the issues raised there do apply beyond IVF and adoption. I also suggest reading in full for the arguments made are too complex to be easily summarized. Here is one point made:

Now, for those of us who have families, we may or may not have walked in the shoes of those that cannot have children on their own without the help of medical intervention or adoption. But, I will tell you that I am not any more entitled to having my children than Michael Jackson or even Maria del Carmen Brousada. Why, you may ask? Because having a family is something that is inate in all of us - albeit some stronger than others. And, when I have stated in the past that it is a biological imperative, I do not mean the need to pass on genes - I mean the inate human desire deep in our DNA to have a family - to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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