Friday, July 3, 2009

Legal Separation, Again

What to do when the client will have a large child support order, a maintenance order, and an upside down mortgage, but whose marriage is on the ropes? Add that spouse wants to return to school.

It helps that the client and spouse can live together.

Legal separation gives us the opportunity to avoid both the support and maintenance orders - client remains in the home avoids this.

By remaining in the home, client saves the cost of a new residence.

By remaining the home, the spouse has support to go back to school.

At the end of the year and if the situation has not improved between them, the client can file for dissolution of marriage.

All this could be tied together in a separation/post-nuptial agreement.

While from Scotland's Sunday Herald, The cost of living like this points out the flexibility available to married couples. I am only suggesting another.

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