Friday, August 28, 2009

Collaborative Law News: Uniform Collaborative Law Act Approved

We may be seeing the true arrival of collaborative law. Uniform Collaborative Law Act Approved by Uniform Law Commission comes from The Family Law Prof blog:

Family Law Prof Andrew Shepherd, of Hofstra Law School, reporter for the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, reports that the Uniform Law Commission voted to adopt the Act on July 15th at its meeting in Santa Fe. The Act recognizes collaborative law as an alternative dispute resolution process. It is also the first uniform act that articulates requirements for informed client consent to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process and a duty upon lawyers to protect the safety of clients from domestic violence when the client participates in ADR. The Act now goes to the Style Committee for final review, and Professor Schepard have to revise the Act's commentary. It then goes to the ABA House of Delegates and, ultimately, the state legislatures for enactment.

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