Thursday, August 6, 2009

Phony Divorce to Hide Assets - Not a Good Idea

Prosecutors Seek to Intervene in and Block Yet Another Allegedly Phony Divorce Intended to Protect Assets from Florida Divorce * Child Custody * Domestic Violence Law Lawyer makes interesting reading:
Husband ordered to pay over $3 billion as restitution.

Divorce filed. Uncontested.

In divorce settlement, Husband sells home to Wife for $10.

Prosecutors seek to intervene, contending that Husband bought assets using fraudulently procured funds and Husband should not be able to shield them through a sham divorce.

This is the latest in a veritable rash of reportedly sham divorces that authorities or private corporations have sought to intervene in to preserve access to allegedly misappropriated assets
For those thinking that such a thing would work except for criminal cases, I say think again. A civil action - that is one brought by private parties - exists called fraudulent transfers. You can find that statute here. The private parties bringing a suit under the fraudulent transfer statute maybe any creditor - a business, a former spouse.

If you think you may have a fraudulent transfer case in Indiana, please give me a call,

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