Monday, August 10, 2009

Provisional Divorce Attorney fees in Grant County, Indiana

My apologies if this post sounds a bit bitchy. I am in that kind of mood lately. Put it down to this sinus/ear infection that just will not go away or professional annoyance or both.
Recently, I got back an Order from Grant County. One issue was attorney fees for the other side. Mind you that opposing counsel was due something - my client's spouse is out of work - and we did have two provisional hearings. But opposing counsel gave no evidence of his hourly rate or time spent on the case. Here is the court's Order on his attorney fees:

2. Due to a disparity in income, the Respondent is ordered to pay Petitioner's attorney provisional attorney fees in the sum of $1,000.00.
These fees are to be paid as follows: $300.00 within
thirty days of the date of this order; $300.00 within
sixty days of the date of this order; and a final
payment of $400.00 on or before the date of the final
Check out my other articles under the "Attorney fees" label to get a comparison with other counties.

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