Sunday, August 2, 2009

Updating the Site

Okay, the blogroll has been changed. What have I done?

  1. Cleaned out the links for the defunct site and moved blogs with RSS feeds from "Family Law Links" to "My Family Law Blog List" (for those linking to my site and thinking I have removed your link, you might want to look here). This will give those going to the page a chance to see what other family law blogs are writing about.
  2. I added an explanation of RSS feeds. That is just below the link for subscribing to my RSS feed.
  3. There is now a link for sharing this blog on Facebook and other social media (and please do so, I need to get publicity in this economy!).
  4. I have started publishing forms to JD Supra. There is a feed from that site to this one that shows what is being published.
  5. There is a link now to my Google Reader. I am using this to collect sites and web pages that do not have an RSS link and which have some family law information.

For those subscribing to the article, I do not think any of this coming through on the feeds. Just remember that if you want to start any reading/research in family law to start on the blog.

I am thinking it takes a bit too long to load the page, so I hope all this helps.

I would ask that readers take a look at you go down the right hand side and click on the "Please, Rate My Blog" link. Feedback is greatly appreciated and will help me to help you and others like you.

Now, I got to move furniture before my wife kills me.

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