Monday, September 21, 2009

For The Indiana Family Law Attorneys: English Family Law Wiki

Thanks to John Bolch'sThe Family Law Wiki: Update for pointing out the existence of an English family law wiki.

I have written before about wikis here.  I still think this is a good idea for Indiana lawyers to take up and now we have an example of how to do it.
Those who cannot see the sense of a wiki open to the public ought to take a look at Free and the GP

People are getting their legal information off of the Internet.  Those people are our potential clients.  Go back and read my Free forms, Thoughts for the Do-It-Yourself Crowd, and Unbundling My Services for more on this point.

I see a wiki backed by, say, the Family Law Section of the Indiana State Bar, as providing solid, trustworthy information to these potential clients.  I should also think that those who aid in creating the wiki should get public acknowledgment of their contributions.  The public and the Bar both receive a benefit.

Now who will start the ball moving?

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